Team Leader Mika Ritonen: I appreciate the fact that employees can truly influence their own work


– You can always add more content to your job if you want to. This way, you can develop yourself and your professional skills.

Nurminen Logistics’s Mika Ritonen is team leader in the Rail & Multimodal team. Mika spends his workweek mainly with international shipments, in particular, freight traffic between China and Europe as well as within Europe and the Nordic countries.

Mika studied business logistics and ended up in the industry through many twists and turns and almost by accident.

– When I started studying, I had no idea what logistics really meant, Mika recalls. However, after he started working at Nurminen, it soon became clear how versatile it can be to work in the logistics sector. 

Valuable lessons from international shipments

Already during his studies, Mika realised he was interested in working with international shipments.

– My first task was purely with export documentation. This was a suitably easy start as it was my first time with actual international shipments, Mika says.

Already in his first year at Nurminen, Mika had the opportunity to work with export trains from Finland to China.

– I soon found myself working with our trains to China. This was an extremely educational experience, as there was no pre-existing information about the subject in Finland and there were many exceptions. Russia’s and China’s rail transport regulations brought their own challenges, Mika ponders.

A versatile job motivates and rewards

A dynamic job and changing situations bring a nice challenge to each day. However, the best thing about Mika’s work is its versatility.

– I like problem solving and changing situations, and they are part of everyday life in this industry.

The versatile nature of the work is motivating, as the one thing you can always rely on is that no two days will be the same.

– It is not unusual at all that the tasks I had in mind for the day will change completely within the first 30 minutes, Mika laughs.

Everyone can influence their work

It is important for Mika that employees are given the opportunity to influence what they want to do. Nurminen gets special praise for its flexibility.

– I appreciate the fact that you can always add more content to the work if you want to. This way, you can develop yourself and your professional skills, Mika explains.

Mika sends encouraging greetings to future Nurminen employees: Your attitude plays an important role. At Nurminen, everyone can truly impact their work and work tasks. Welcome to Nurminen!