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Tailored to your desires

We guarantee smooth freight and a service that is always tailored to your needs. Our terminals are located next to ports, which means major cost savings for you: we can transfer your cargo directly from the ship or train to the terminal and vice versa. We will therefore reduce the transport distance of cargo and save time and money as soon as containers are immediately released in the port.
With great attention to detail
We have never compromised on the quality and variety of our equipment and facilities.
Skilled professionals
Thanks to our skilled and trained personnel, no containerisation job is too challenging for us. We always tailor the best solution for you.
Outdoors and inside
We perform the loading according to your needs – outdoors or inside.
Terminals for every need
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Our terminals are situated in logistically excellent locations in the ports of Vuosaari in Helsinki and Mussalo in Kotka as well as on the eastern border of Finland, near the most important border crossing points.
  • Helsinki Vuosaari logistics centre

    Our Helsinki Vuosaari logistics centre has a railway terminal, a heavy goods handling hall and a flow-through terminal. The railway terminal has a 250-metre indoor railway track, a covered loading dock for vehicles and 23 hydraulic container loading platforms for moving and loading containers. In this terminal, we carry out industrial containerisation of export traffic.

    In the heavy goods handling hall, we are able to take care of all our customers’ products, regardless of the size, weight or shape of the load.

    In the flow-through terminal, the goods move quickly, and we store the cargo for you. We can handle everything, whether it’s small individual boxes that we palletise, if necessary, or shipments consisting of hundreds of pallets.

  • Kotka logistics centre in Mussalo

    Our Kotka logistics centre is located in Mussalo, the best location in the largest export and container harbour in Finland. In Kotka, our experienced and skilled personnel perform the containerisation of export traffic, the cargo handling in import traffic, delivery services as well as the transfer and intermediate storage of transit goods.
  • Vainikkala terminal in Lappeenranta

    In our modern covered, double-tracked terminal in Vainikkala (8,000 m2), we carry out car, wagon and project-based loading in connection with the Russian border station. In total, there is room for 20 carriages in the terminal.
Comprehensive container services
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We provide a diverse range of container services. We offer container rental, handling and warehousing services, also for reefer containers!
  • Container handling and warehousing services

    We offer extensive handling and warehousing services for full and empty containers alike. We load, unload and, if necessary, also warehouse the containers at our operating units in Helsinki and Kotka.
  • Container rental service

    We rent new 40’ HC containers suited to sea transport. The containers are picked up from Nurminen’s container depots in Helsinki and Kotka in Finland. The containers can be returned to any main harbour in China. You are free to rent the containers for 60 days.
  • Reefer services

    In Vuosaari, Helsinki, we provide professional handling, storage and monitoring services for reefer containers.
  • Depot services

    We also provide depot operations with customs terminal permits in Helsinki and Kotka.
  • Thermal storage for containers

    Even when the temperatures drop, we can ensure that your valuable and cold-susceptible products are protected, whether they are food products or liquids. We provide thermal storage for your containers from September all the way to the end of April.

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Joonas Louho

VP, Cargo Operations & Development
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Atte Raatikka

Product Manager, Project Logistics
+358 41 731 4904 atte.raatikka@nurminenlogistics.com

Elmeri Hatonen

Product Manager, Road Freight & Customer Service Helsinki
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Description of rail service facilities
Nurminen Logistics has prepared descriptions of service facilities for the Vuosaari logistics centre and Vainikkala freight terminals as required by the Rail Transport Act (1302/2018) and Commission Implementing Regulation 2017/2177.