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Welcome to our investor pages. These pages offer useful information about us and more detailed information about Nurminen Logistics Plc as an investment.
Nurminen as an investment
Interest in Nurminen Logistics has recently increased significantly. Sustainability is at the heart of our operations, and we strive to create long-term and sustainable shareholder value.
  • Unique service concept

    Nurminen Logistics operates as both a railway operator and forwarder in international railway operations. There are only a few operators of this kind in Europe.

    We are growing in rail logistics between Asia and Central Europe as well as in Northern Europe.

    Nurminen’s own product development, railway expertise, its own railway terminals and long-term operations and cooperation networks in China, Kazakhstan, and Elsewhere in Eastern Europe are yet to find a rival.
  • Global megatrends promote growth

    The rail market between Europe and Asia is growing, and the increasing climate requirements are driving companies towards green logistics solutions and railway tracks. Due to the global transport crisis, companies and states have become more familiar with logistics risk management, and the growing demands for functioning supply chains and working capital monitoring support the position of railway logistics.
  • Competitiveness and pricing power

    Nurminen has the largest service production on the market and growing volumes with healthy pricing, as well as low fixed costs. A direct and growing clientele makes us independent from individual customers, industry or geographical location.
Nurminen Logistics' Half-Year Financial Report 2023 has been published.

The reported operating profit of EUR 8.9 million for January–June was the best half-year result in the company’s history and grew by 272 per cent on the comparison period (EUR 2.4 million).

Financial Statement Release 2022

Investor calendar

Financial Statement Bulletin for 2023
Thursday, 29th of February 2024, at 9.00 am
Annual Report 2023, which includes the company’s financial statements, the report of the Board of Directors, the Remuneration Report, and the Corporate Governance Statement
Thursday, 14th of March 2024, at 9.00 am
Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, 17th of April 2024
Q1 Interim report for January-March
Thursday 25th April 2024, at 2.00 pm
Half-year Report for January – June 2024
Thursday, 1st of August 2024, at 9.00 am
Q3 Interim report for January-September
Tuesday 29th, October 2024, at 9.00 am

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