Handling hall for heavy goods

To the destination – safe and intact

Our handling hall for heavy goods, more commonly known as the heavy hall, is located in Vuosaari, Helsinki, next to the port area. Thanks to its excellent location, we are able to transport large and heavy loads directly from the warehouse to the port without transporting them by road.
Unique equipment
Nothing is small in our heavy hall. With the lifting capacity of a 120-tonne overhead crane, we could lift two locomotives up into the air at once. Our lifting truck equipment is also full of power with its 42-tonne lifting capacity.
Reliably with the professional skills of the personnel
We use certified lashing and support materials for all loads. We will take care of special lashing of loads, packaging and all other services you may need with the top expertise of our personnel.
We solve the challenges
Our uncompromising quality of service and operations, as well as our customised containerisation solutions ensure that your valuable cargo will always get to the destination safely and intact.
Frequently asked questions
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Here you can find our frequently asked questions and answers to them. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.
  • What is done in the handling hall for heavy goods?

    In the heavy handling hall there are mainly loaded/unloaded special loading units, i.e. Open top containers or Flatrack units.
  • What is the overhead crane like and how much can it lift?

    The heavy handling hall has two overhead cranes with a total lifting capacity of 120 t.
  • What kind of goods can be handled in a heavy hall?

    The heavy handling hall handles larger packages that cannot be safely handled in normal terminals. These include, for example, forest machines, large industrial equipment and tractors.
  • What are Open top or Flatrack units?

    Open top units are normal 20 or 40' sized units that can be used to remove the top if necessary. This makes it possible, for example, to load packages into containers that do not fit in a a box container.

    A Flatrack unit can be loaded with goods that cannot be loaded into a normal container or an opentop container.
  • What kind of hoisting equipment is used in the crane?

    There are many tools to help with lifting. We use, for example, lifting chains, webbing slings and lifting beams. In addition, there are more special lifting frames for lifting boats, for example. For each lift, suitable lifting equipment is selected specifically.
  • What does unit tare or payload mean?

    Tare = unit's own weight.
    Payload = maximum weight of the load to be loaded on the unit.
  • What kind of machinery does the heavy handling hall use?

    Heavy hall uses forklifts ranging from a 5 t lift to a 42 t forklift. The machines also have various additional tools to meet the customer's needs, such as a roll attached to forklifts to handle steel coils.
  • How many lifting trolleys do your cranes have?

    There are a total of 3 lifting trolleys and each individual trailer can lift 40 t. We mainly do 4-point lifts using two lifting trolleys.
  • How do we know that hoists and lifting tools are high quality and safe?

    All lifting equipment and lifting tools are inspected by an authorized inspector regularly and a visual inspection of the equipment is carried out before each lift. All lifting equipment is SFS-EN 1492-2 certified. Inspections of cranes are once a calendar year.
  • What kind of wood do you use for supports?

    We use many kinds of wood for our supports, from boards to 6x6 beams. All wood we use is stamped wood according to the ISMP15 standard.
  • What can be loaded into a container in a heavy handling hall?

    As a rule, if the goods physically fit in the container, they are placed in the container. The heavy hall has special tools for unloading cars and stuffing tractors, for example.

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