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We keep the world on track

We keep the world on track. We are known as responsible Finnish logistics specialists – we work around the clock everyday to ensure that our customers’ commercial goals are met.
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Vision of a smaller world
With us, faraway places are no longer that far away. Our expertise ensures you achieve your commercial goals. When you travel with us, the whole world is within your grasp – we can open up whole new markets for you in a sustainable way!
Sustainable growth partner in logistics - connecting cargo between Asia and Europe with lowest emissions.
Sustainable Nordic Cargo Hub.
Our values
Develop and improve - for the benefit of the customer.
Trust and be trustworthy.
Operate profitably.
We are proud of our roots
Our look has always been to the future. The desire to learn new things has made us logistics specialists. Explore our history, and you will find that the world never stops with us.
  • 1886: Our story begins

    Farmer Johan Nurminen opens a general store in Rauma, specialising in selling timber, chandlery goods and imported goods. Shipping starts in 1891, and in 1910, a total of 22 vessels carry cargo across the seas. During the First World War, John Nurminen is Finland’s largest forwarding business
  • 1930–1960: Part of the travel boom

    Operations diversify as John Nurminen joins the travel business as a shareholder of Matkatoimisto Kaleva Oy in 1935. During the 1950s, the shipping business is at its peak. Nurminen-Lento starts as Finland’s first air freight forwarder at the Helsinki Airport in 1967.
  • 1970–1990: Internationalisation

    After the Suez Crisis, the company ceases its shipping operations and turns its sights towards international forwarding and transportation. Growth is quick, and industries include export and import forwarding, road transport to the Soviet Union, terminal and warehousing services, and aircraft ground handling. During the 90s, the company gives up traditional forwarding and transportation.
  • Early 2000s: Centring logistics

    The 2000s begin with focusing on logistical services. John Nurminen becomes the most significant operator in vehicle logistics in the Baltic Sea region and Finland’s largest healthcare logistics operator. In September 2007, the foundations of the Vuosaari logistics centre are laid.
  • 2008: Into the stock exchange

    On the first day of 2008, Nurminen Logistics Plc is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, after listing logistics operations as its own function. The move to the Vuosaari logistics centre is realised in November 2008. The company’s rail fleet encompasses almost one thousand wagons.
  • 2010–: Train traffic to Asia begins

    Container train traffic to China begins in 2018, and the environmentally-friendly railway connection quickly rises in popularity. Regular departures go from Helsinki and Kotka to various cities across China and Asia. As the 2020s begin, the container train to China has over 1,000 customers in commerce and industry. In 2021, the connections expand to Japan and the countries of the Far East.
We see logistics as a comprehensive service, with our capable and responsibly thinking people at the core. With us, you will reach the world more easily. We can open new markets for you.


We have been looking to the future for over 130 years


At the stock exchange
Our goal is the constant improvement of financial results for your benefit


First container train
We are the leading train operator between Asia and Northern Europe
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With decades of experience, our logistics experts can help you solve your challenges and find the most suitable solutions for you.