On the right track with us

We take you forward responsibly. We know that more sustainable logistics will give you competitiveness – with the help of lower-emission train logistics, you are on the right track towards your business’ goals and a better future.
Growing sustainably
We help companies of all sizes that wish to grow in a sustainable way on the global market.
Low-emission logistics
Emissions from our container trains are up to 98% lower than from other modes of transport.
Responsible competitiveness
With us, you will achieve your responsibility targets more effectively; you are riding with the trendsetter of the industry.
On the right track responsibly
Low-emission train logistics provide a competitive edge and business advantages. We transport goods in a certified manner and offer our customers an emissions report pursuant to the SFS-EN 16258 standard for our main routes.
  • Business advantage

    We see recognising and minimising the carbon footprint of transport as a choice in line with our values. We are certain that our customers that reduce their logistics emissions will succeed better financially – more sustainable logistics will bring them many business advantages.
  • Ecological by nature

    For us, responsibility is built around our core operations – as a mode of transport, trains, by nature, produce fewer emissions than, for example, air or ship freight.
  • No compromises

    We always tailor transport solutions to needs, taking ecology into account. Still, we take no shortcuts with regards to delivery reliability, ease or speed.
Responsibly respecting the environment and people
We are a pioneer of logistics and a trendsetter in the sustainable development of the industry.
We succeed in this since we have a clear goal – to take our industry and customers towards a cleaner future through responsible transport and operations that respect the environment and people. Openly.
  • Financial responsibility

    One dimension of social responsibility is financial responsibility, meaning the Group’s profitability and its influence on stakeholders. Financial success makes it possible to take the Group’s stakeholders into account and develop operations so that they meet stakeholders’ expectations even better than before.

    Nurminen Logistics’ important stakeholders are the personnel, customers, owners, suppliers of goods and services, financers, external financers and the public sector.
  • Social responsibility

    Nurminen Logistics assumes responsibility for its personnel and their well-being. Employee satisfaction with their work and working conditions is surveyed regularly. The employee satisfaction survey includes a manager assessment as well. The results drive actions to improve the working community. Employee satisfaction has steadily increased; satisfaction with managers and working conditions is especially high.

    Every permanent employee at Nurminen Logistics has an annual performance review with his/her manager. These reviews outline personal goals and areas of development.

    Nurminen Locistics supports and rewards its personnel at work and at leisure. Co-operation and occupational safety organisations work efficiently to reach common goals. The company has an ISO 45001:2018 certified occupational health and safety system.
  • Environmental responsibility

    Nurminen Logistics seeks environmentally friendly and efficient transport solutions as part of developing its services. All the services provided by the company in Finland have a certified environmental management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

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CO2 Calculator

Be a pioneer in green logistics and use a train! – With our CO2 calculator you can compare the carbon footprint of your transport in different modes of transport.

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