Terminal Foreman Samuli Riisiö: Nurminen has so far the best team of my career

samuli riisiö

“With Nurminen, you get to do really versatile work. It won’t be boring, I promise!”

Samuli Riisiö of Nurminen Logistics works as the terminal foreman in Mussalo, Kotka. The foreman is an important link in the terminal’s operations team, which watches over the terminal’s events from a vantage point.

Samuli’s daily tasks include working closely with internal and external stakeholders. He is responsible for the implementation of the overall quality and acts as a supervisor for the terminal employees.

Samuli is a long-established logistics professional who first came to the company in 2004. “I started as a terminal worker and nowadays my official title is foreman”, Samuli recalls his career development.

Nice co-workers and flexible work drew him back

Career paths often lead many from one job role to another, both between an old familiar organisation and new challenges. Apart from small breaks, Samuli has been at Nurminen for 16 years.

“I’ve gone to work for competitors a few times, but I’ve always come back to Nurminen”, Samuli laughs.

Nurminen receives special thanks from Samuli for its flexibility.

“Alongside my work I have completed, among other things, a basic degree in logistics, that is, training directly related to my work. I trained on my own initiative, but there has always been a positive and supportive attitude to studying. Studying went smoothly along with the work”, Samuli sums up.

Variety in work keeps interest alive

“I feel like a bit of an achiever and a perfectionist, and I need my work to be challenging. At times, a fast-paced environment is conveniently challenging and keeps interest alive. It is rewarding to get things done within the timeframe”, Samuli reflects.

Interest and a desire to improve working life led Samuli to the positions of the chief shop steward and an occupational safety representative. This experience also boosted his own career development.

“Acting as the chief shop steward and an occupational safety representative provided me a sound basis for my current managerial duties. My expertise has increased with training and experience, which has been beneficial in my career”, Samuli says.

Positive leadership

To the future Nurminen employees, Samuli has some encouraging words: “With Nurminen, you get to do really versatile work. It won’t be boring, I promise!”

Positive leadership is an important value for Samuli, and this can be seen directly in the employees enjoying their work. He believes that the well-being of people is necessary for effectiveness and efficiency. “The best thing about Nurminen is that we work together. Our team plays great together. I think we have the best team of my career right now. I even dare to speak on behalf of my colleagues when I say that they agree with me. I believe that with positivity we can get more out of the group, and in our case it works great”, Samuli praises.