Train from China to Finland in Record Time

Junavaunut Vuosaari

In these times of challenges for international supply chains, Nurminen Logistics’ Chinese train from Hefei to Helsinki traveled at record speed in eleven days. While the air and maritime operators struggle with significant challenges, the rail freight operators have been able to run their operations almost as usual. Ease of movement in China is increasing and limitations for traveling are being reduced, which enables unraveling of transport and booking congestions within the country.

Container availability for rail freight remains at a good level, and there are enough containers at hand in Finland. Nurminen Logistics’ next train departs to China on 20 March, and there are still few spots available for bookings. 

“The Novel Corona Virus has created a plethora of challenges in various transport forms and schedules. We have proudly followed upon our train which started traveling on 29 February – the travel time from Hefei, China to Helsinki, Finland was just eleven days. The next departures of our trains have been confirmed and we have adequate equipment available. ” summarizes Marjut Linnajärvi, who is responsible for Nurminen Logistics’ China train. 

Companies around the world are currently in pursuit of tools for protecting their supply chains from disturbances that affect production and delivery. The blocktrain service conducted in a reliable nordic manner is one solution available for companies seeking to circumvent bottlenecks that have been formed with maritime and air freight. The next departures from Finland to China take place on 20 March and 3 April 2020. 


For more information, please contact:

Marjut Linnajärvi, Sales and Operations Director, Rail                     

+358 40 571 5034