Nurminen Logistics expands in Sweden: From Haparanda and Umeå to Gothenburg in an environmentally friendly way by rail


Nurminen Logistics Plc                                  Press Release 13 March 2024

The Finnish logistics company, Nurminen Logistics, is continuing its strategy of international growth by opening a new rail connection in Sweden, in co-operation with VÄTE Rail AB, from Haparanda and Umeå to Gothenburg, the largest port in the Nordic countries. Nurminen is also establishing a subsidiary in Gothenburg.

The new regular rail link from Umeå and Haparanda to Gothenburg strengthens western transport connections and security of supply, while increasing the vitality of the west coast of Finland and the competitiveness of companies in the north. Freight can be transported first from Vaasa, on Wasaline's environmentally friendly ROPAX vessel, to Umeå, where port operations are handled by Kvarken Ports, and from there by rail to Gothenburg. In the north, loading and unloading operations are carried out at the Haparanda terminal.

Shorter transport time, lower emissions and direct access to the world

“Our new connection means more choices and new business opportunities for manufacturing companies, shipping companies and transport and logistics companies alike. Until now, freight from northern Finland has first travelled several hundred kilometres by truck to Helsinki before reaching the ship. It should be noted that direct ocean-crossing services are not available from Finnish ports, only feeder connections to Europe. Thanks to the new Haparanda–Gothenburg rail link, the route to the ocean connections will be significantly shorter, and companies will be able to reduce their climate impact as well as export costs, where fuel costs are a major expense,” says Marjut Linnajärvi, responsible for Nurminen’s rail business.

The port of Gothenburg offers a direct ocean connection to America and various destinations in the Far East, as well as to the main ports in Europe, from where the shipments can be connected to Nurminen Logistics’ transport route to Central Asia and China.

The new connection allows fast access to almost anywhere in the world and freight can be transported in both containers and trailers. Nurminen Logistics offers its customers a complete door-to-door logistics supply chain, including freight forwarding and terminal services.

“Due to the current geopolitical situation, Finland’s international accessibility has deteriorated significantly and well-functioning logistics solutions and services are now even more important for Finland’s competitiveness, success in export markets and security of supply. In a changing world, courage and adaptability are needed. Nurminen Logistics is ready to meet this challenge and show that new opportunities can also arise in difficult times,” Linnajärvi concludes.

Regular, scheduled and weekly train services from Haparanda and Umeå will start in April.

Nurminen Logistics Plc

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