What you should know about the handling hall for heavy goods?

Raskaan tavaran käsittelyhalli2

Nurminen Logistics has a unique handling hall for heavy goods, which we familiarly call the Heavy Hall. The handling hall for heavy goods is located in Vuosaari, Helsinki, at an excellent location right next to the port area. Thanks to the ideal location, we can move large and heavy loads from the warehouse directly to the port without having to transport them by road at all. In this blog post, you can take a closer look at Nurminen Heavy Hall, its unique equipment, and the professionalism of its staff.

1. Heavy goods are handled with unique equipment

In the handling hall for heavy goods, we handle large loads that cannot be handled safely in an ordinary terminal. Nurminen’s Heavy Hall often handles forest machines and large industrial equipment such as tractors, among other things. The equipment must meet the needs of large loads, which is why the Heavy Hall has unique high-quality equipment.

Nurminen’s handling hall for heavy goods has two overhead cranes with a combined lifting capacity of 120 t. The hall is also equipped with forklifts ranging from 5 t up to 42 t. The equipment comes with a range of tools that can be used for specific needs, such as a forklift-mounted reel for handling steel coils. There are three lifting trolleys and each individual trailer can lift 40 t.

2. Professionalism is key

When it comes to handling heavy goods, there is no substitute for skilled personnel. In addition to the unique equipment, Nurminen has the best employees in the industry, some of whom have more than 15 years of experience in the handling hall for heavy goods.

Heavy goods handling requires safe solutions that comply with the regulations. Nurminen’s main methods of load securing are lashing straps and timber prop-ups. For each lift, we select the lifting equipment that is suitable for the job at hand. Special lashing of loads, packaging and all other necessary services are always provided with the highest level of professionalism.

3. Certificates and inspections are part of everyday work

The handling hall for heavy goods is governed by a number of regulations, certificates and standards. Therefore, all lifting equipment in use at Nurminen are checked by authorized inspectors at regular intervals.

In addition, all lifting equipment is SFS-EN 1492-2 certified. Cranes are subject to periodic inspections once a calendar year.

When handling heavy goods, it is very important to apply correct support techniques. There are many types of wood used for support in the handling hall for heavy goods, from boards to 6×6 beams. All the wood used by Nurminen is stamped according to the ISMP15 standard.

Main points for you to remember about heavy handling

A Heavy Hall can handle goods that cannot be handled safely in an ordinary terminal, for example because of the weight of the goods or the support required. A handling hall for heavy goods requires special equipment and highly skilled personnel, which is why it is advisable to turn to a company with a solid experience in handling heavy goods.

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