High-level terminal services are created through cooperation

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One of Nurminen Logistics’ values is Develop and improve – for the benefit of the customer. We see logistics as a comprehensive service and want to help our customers reach their commercial goals. Through this blog post, we explain how we develop the customer experience in practice in terminal services.  

“At Nurminen, we always meet the customer in a customer-oriented manner.  

We proactively produce professional, flexible, consistent and productive service in all channels. We develop together with the customer.” – Nurminen Logistics’ service promise.  

Meet our professionals   

Nurminen Logistics has terminals in the best locations in Finland’s largest export and import ports. We are also proud of our long-term expertise in terminal services and committed employees.  

One of the professionals behind the high-quality service is Lauri Torkkeli, Product Manager, at Nurminen’s Vuosaari and Kotka terminal operations. Elmeri Hatonen, Product Manager, Customer Service, and Road Freight, is developing the terminal’s customer service in Vuosaari and Kotka.  

Lauri Torkkeli started in his current position in November 2023 and before that he worked as a supervisor at the terminal for two years. Torkkeli has extensive expertise, especially in handling heavy goods. Elmeri Hatonen has been responsible for customer service at the Vuosaari terminal since 2022, and in November 2023, customer service at the Kotka terminal was added to his area of responsibility. Before his current responsibilities, Hatonen worked as a team leader at Vuosaari. 

Lauri Torkkeli (on the left) and Elmeri Hatonen at Nurminen Logistics’s terminal in Kotka.

Nurminen’s terminal services offer excellent service   

Our goal at Nurminen is always to offer consistent service, regardless of the location or service chosen. Torkkeli and Hatonen say that by being responsible for the operations in both Kotka and Vuosaari, they can combine the expertise of both locations and enable more open communication between them—for the benefit of the customer, of course.  

A successful customer experience requires the expertise of both teams, both customer service and terminal operations. The professionals of the customer service team are visible faces to customers, they receive the order and coordinate it forward at Nurminen. Customer service also receives the customer’s feedback and forwards it quickly to the right people at the terminal, so there are no blind spots or information gaps. Hatonen tells how the terminal’s good expertise has spread from one customer to another and has often been behind the customer’s contact.   

In addition to unifying operations, development has also been made in other areas:   

“Nurminen is currently engaged in development work, especially in technology and digitalization. Thanks to the development we have made, the equipment already in use is now being utilized even better, which makes the work of coordinators easier at all of Nurminen Logistics’ different locations. The work of the railway hall has also become easier thanks to the development work, and the Vuosaari railway hall has switched to completely paperless operations. For the customer, the development can be seen, for example, in shorter response times, faster service, and more transparent processes. This year, we will also open a customer portal for our customers, which will further increase transparency.” Torkkeli states.

For the customer, the development can be seen, for example, in shorter response times, faster service and more transparent processes.
Torkkeli and Hatonen are happy with the development done already.

Eyes still on development   

We here at Nurminen do not take the importance of open communication throughout the teams and offices lightly, and this is also reflected in the terminal- and customer service teams. There is a lot of internal cooperation behind each service, but for the customer, the service is seen as a.  We want to continue to offer our customers flexible, high-quality and fast logistics services and create long-term and lasting customer relationships that benefit the customer and help them reach their own goals, Hatonen and Torkkeli say together.  

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