Trainee Hanna Kurki: Logistics relies on humans much more than I had imagined

Hanna Kurki

Hello, my name is Hanna Kurki and I was a trainee at Nurminen Logistics! The fascinating idea of modern-day Silk roads as well as my interest towards Chinese language and culture brought my attention to Nurminen Logistics. As Nurminen is one of the few companies that have done significant, concrete work in order to provide fast and competitive rail connections between Europe and Asia, I thought I would like to learn more about their unique way of developing a business. 

To my luck, a short internship at the Nurminen Shanghai office was possible and so I spent six weeks in the bustling metropole. Rather soon I found myself adapted to the local office life and enjoying every moment of it. During my weeks at Nurminen, I became familiar with the everyday, yet most crucial, work required to operate international logistics. 

Great training experience with logistics and operative work 

When communicating with a third language in a cross-cultural environment, strong support for the customers is undeniably crucial to ensure flexible trade. By operating in person at the both ends of the China-Europe route, Nurminen is able to provide reliable and fast rail freights. A single phone call or understanding the local culture and customs can sometimes make the difference. Firm premises in both Asia and Europe also support customers to develop their own businesses and seek new opportunities; after all, in the times of globalization, well-working logistic connections enable trade to be realized in practice. 

A small visit to the world of logistics taught me a lot about the operative work as well as the people behind it. Logistics relies on humans much more than I had imagined. Transportation is at the center of logistics, but it is the people who arrange, operate and create the whole process. To an outsider like me logistics might have seen like a mere transport of goods, where as it actually consists of multiple layers of different tasks: starting from a handshake to unloading a container and in between everything else that ensures a smooth freight. I also hope to be fortunate to do something alike in the future, something that is dynamic, international and connects people through trade. 

Thank you to Nurminen Logistics for having me as a trainee and showing what it means to keep the world on track!

Hanna Kurki and Kalinda Luo in Shanghai office.