New Rail link in Sweden – Seamless cooperation enables an efficient and environmentally friendly supply chain


Nurminen Logistics, on March 13th, unveiled a new regular and scheduled railway route in Sweden, seamlessly connecting Umeå and Haparanda to Gothenburg. This multimodal transportation route not only enhances the logistics chain but also brings a new level of convenience and efficiency to businesses in the Nordic region.

How does the route work in practice? 

In the middle of April, I decided to travel from Vaasa to Umeå to see the journey from the front row. Umeå-Gothenburg is a multimodal connection that combines several modes of transport.

The journey began at Vaasa port, where Nurminen Logistics’ containers were transferred to Wasaline’s modern Ropax ferry, the Aurora Botnia, the world’s most environmentally friendly ferry. The vessel runs on a dual fuel and battery solution. The ship is specially designed for freight traffic in the Kvarken region, with its two cargo decks capable of carrying even the heaviest loads. Operating daily between Vaasa and Umeå allows companies to transport freight efficiently, and the sea journey takes only three hours.

After arriving at Umeå port, the containers were swiftly transferred to train wagons, as Kvarken Ports’ railway transport terminal is next to Wasaline’s ferry terminal. From there, the cargo can continue to Gothenburg in an environmentally friendly way by electric train, with the journey time from Vaasa to Gothenburg potentially being less than 48 hours.

A more sustainable future in logistics

During the trip, my understanding of what strong and skilled logistics operators can achieve when working in cooperation became even more robust: When the logistic supply chain works seamlessly and reliably, the connection allows customers to plan their transportation efficiently and quickly while also reducing logistics emissions by shifting from roads to railways. It marks a step towards a more sustainable future in logistics and creates new opportunities for businesses in the Nordic region.

YLE News interviewed Marjut Linnajärvi, Nurminen Logistics’ Rail Operations and Sales Director, to hear about the new opportunities provided by the route.
Transfer of containers to the Aurora Botnia.