We keep the world on track

We keep the world on track. We are known as sustainable Finnish specialists in logistics – we do everything we can every day and around the clock to achieve our customers’ commercial goals.

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Asian container train

Regular and fast train service from Northern Europe to Asia

Logistics as a service

Our holistic service makes us the best partner for you.

Asian container train
Regular and fast rail freight from Northern Europe to Asia
Sustainability first
We use the smallest possible carbon footprint to transport goods to their destination
Logistics as a service
Our comprehensive service makes us an unbeatable partner
Modern logistics
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We see logistics as a comprehensive service that puts the focus on our skilled people.
We open up whole new markets for you with an environmentally friendly container train that quickly transports your cargo from Northern Europe to Asia with our door-to-door principle – sustainably and with a carbon footprint that is up to 98 % lower than air freight.
  • Comprehensive partner

    Functional and sustainable logistics is a competitive advantage. We’ll make sure your cargo always gets to its destination in the most sensible way. We take care of the whole package for you: transportation, documents and project management.
  • To the Far East and Europe

    Our Nurminen Nordic HUB service package is unique. Our geographical location guarantees extensive Rail-Sea-Road transport connections throughout the Far East, CIS countries and Europe.
  • Fan of sustainability goals

    We are looking for and developing new transport solutions and always use environmentally friendly and efficient solutions for the benefit of our customers and for all of us.
Service and expertise without compromises
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We have been serving our customers for over 130 years. Our continuous desire to seek new solutions has made us the most versatile partner in the logistics industry, with whom you can achieve sustainable results.
  • Railway connections to Asia

    We transport your cargo between the Nordic countries and Asia by rail, quickly and reliably. Regular train service and excellent onward connections ensure punctual deliveries.
  • Multimodal transport

    We offer comprehensive Rail-Sea-Road multimodal transport to all parts of the Far East, CIS countries and Europe, from door to door if desired. We are responsible for your transportation throughout the route in all its modes of transport.
  • Forwarding and customs clearance services

    When experience speaks for itself. We have comprehensive know-how about forwarding and customs clearance. We provide forwarding services to importers, export companies, shipping companies as well as transport and forwarding businesses.
  • Terminal services

    Tailored to your desires. Our terminals are situated in logistically excellent locations in the ports of Vuosaari and Kotka as well as on the eastern border of Finland, near the most important border crossing points.
  • Handling hall for heavy goods

    Wide range of equipment and skilled personnel. We have excellent equipment for even the most demanding lifts such as a 120-ton overhead crane that can lift up to two large train locomotives in the air with ease.
  • Storage and transport of dangerous goods

    The chemical terminal of our Kotka logistics centre has the status of a safety clearance facility. In addition to storage, we also offer transport of dangerous goods by rail to Asia.
We always put sustainability first

Sustainable logistics helps

By choosing rail freight as the mode of transport, you can take advantage of a smaller carbon footprint in your company’s operations and be better able to meet the increasing eco-efficiency requirements.

Multimodal transport
Additional information from our experts
With decades of experience, our logistics experts can help you solve your challenges and find the most suitable solutions for you.
We take you forward
We have our fingers on the pulse of the global economy 24/7, transporting your goods where you want them. Nothing has ever been impossible for us. We are experts in logistics – people who want to take you forward in life.


We have been looking to the future for over 130 years


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Our goal is the constant improvement of financial results for your benefit


First China container train
Our safety and environmentally friendly train service ensure punctual deliveries


Nurminen employees
The cornerstone of our business is our capable, enthusiastic and service-minded personnel