Operations of Nurminen Logistics in Finland temporarily affected by trade union strikes

Several different trade unions in Finland have established their willingness to support The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU in their strike. For example Transport Workers’ Union AKT and Finnish Seafarers´ Union FSU have announced various actions that may have an effect on our operations. We expect delays and disturbances on schedules connected to maritime freigth on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 November.

Currently employees that are members of AKT retain from working overtime. In all Finnish harbours AKT members working at cargo handling will be on strike from Thursday 28 November 6 a.m. until Saturday 30 November 6 a.m.

FSU announced that from 21 November 6 a.m. transports/handling taking place on the car decks of ropax-vessels and passenger car ferries in foreign traffic has been halted by not admitting any trucks, tanker trucks, trailers, or similar vehicles onto the car decks. They have annouced that starting from Monday 25 November cargo-, ropax-, and passenger vessels in foreign traffic and sailing under the Finnish flag arriving at a port in Finland after 6 a.m. will remain in port.

Nurminen Logistics team is doing their best to ensure that all our Finnish locations are able to serve our customers. Due to these strikes that affect on all Finnish logistics operators it is possible for some disturbances to occur. We are following closely on the development of this situation.

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