Nurminen Logistics Plc and Shanghai Way-easy Supply Chain announce a commercial partnership to strengthen rail freight and logistics services in Europe and China

Under the commercial partnership, both parties provide rail freight and logistics services throughout Europe and China by leveraging Nurminen Logistics’ extensive operations and Way-easy’s well-accomplished local service competence. 

The Way-easy has a strong client base for railway connections to Europe. The new Southern Trans-Caspian route is vital and has further potential, where cooperation builds on the complementary benefits.

“With Way-easy we are gaining significantly more sales power to China, where demand for low-emission rail service is constantly increasing,” says Olli Pohjanvirta, CEO of Nurminen Logistics.

Kenda Mo, CEO of Way-easy Supply Chain, says that in working with Nurminen, more customers now have access to high-quality, China-Europe-connecting rail services.

“We are excited about the opportunities the cooperation offers and are committed to promoting rail logistics as a low-carbon transport option in the long term,” says Kenda Mo.

More Information:
Olli Pohjanvirta,CEO, Nurminen Logistics, +358 40 900 6977

Nurminen Logistics is a Finnish listed company established in 1886. The company offers high-quality rail transport, terminal, and multimodal solutions between Asia and Europe and in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Shanghai Way-easy Supply Chain is a Shanghai-based forwarding company whit offices around China. The company focuses on CN-EU railway service with door-to-door service capability and wide geographical coverage in China.