Nurminen Logistics arranges a block train shipment from Finland to China

Nurmisen konttijuna Suomen ja kiinan välillä

This first container train will comprise 50 40-foot containers, with the total length of the train being around 800 metres. The transport of goods from Finland across the Niirala border crossing to Russia and from Russia to Kazakhstan and further to Central China will take only 10 to 12 days, while a combined sea and overland transport to the same destination would take more than 50 days. The transport will be carried out in collaboration with Nurminen’s Russian, Kazakh and Chinese partners. During the transport, the containers will be reloaded from the train to another only once, at the border between China and Kazakhstan, as Finland, Russia and Kazakhstan use the same rail width.

Nurminen’s goal is to organise a regular train connection to China. There is plenty of potential for such a connection; for example, the value of Finnish forest industry exports last year alone exceeded 11 billion, of which Asia accounted for approximately 19 per cent and China around 7 per cent. Several industrial sectors are interested in taking advantage of a fast train connection.

Further efficiency of the transport will be brought about by the fact that the cargo can be loaded at Nurminen’s Niirala terminal. With ample track capacity available to it, the terminal is situated at a border crossing between Finland and Russia and has, in terms of logistics, a central location for industries in Eastern Finland.

“This is an important first move for the company. We want to be involved in developing efficient logistics solutions for Finnish import and export industries. Our new rail transport service offers a fast and cost-effective alternative to sea transport,” says Marko Tuunainen, President and CEO of Nurminen Logistics.

Nurminen is also looking into the opportunities available to imports. In particular, operators importing seasonal products into Europe are interested in a regular train connection, as sea transport is too slow an alternative for them.

“As the project has unfolded, customers’ interest in this service has become very clear. After the first train shipment, we seek to organise regular shipment dates for certain products, with plans in place to expand our operations to cover several other product categories,” comments Mike Karjagin, director in charge of the project.

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