Changes in Nurminen Logistics Blocktrain Service due to Corona Virus Epidemic

Border crossing formalities are functioning normally through the route used for blocktrain service by Nurminen Logistics. The Sales team of the company is closely monitoring all actions taken due to current Corona Virus outbreak that may affect international logistics.

Officials in China have encouraged their citizens to prolong their New Year holiday period into early February with regional adjustments. This may cause changes in the routines of international harbors and airports. In the blocktrain connections operated by Nurminen Logistics some adjustments to departure dates may occur as the instructions from authorities in Kazakhstan and China are updated for controlling the Corona Virus epidemic.

“Our railway operator in Hefei as well as our booking office in Shanghai remains closed until 10 February. Border crossing at Alashankou and Dostyk is functioning in normal manner and has no effect on our blocktrain service. The departure scheduled for 15 February has been re-scheduled to depart on 22 February.” Marjut Linnajärvi, Sales and Operations Director, Rail sums up the situation.

Freight and parcel handing is assumed to be safe. The contagiousness of Corona Viruses is greatly reduced on plain surfaces such as containers and boxes which enables normal handling of goods from Asia for cargo handling staff and consumers alike.

Our company makes every effort to support our customers’ supply chain in possible changes. Effective international logistics supports the functionality of networked nations even in case there would be restrictions to travelling at some point.  


For more information, please contact:

Marjut Linnajärvi,                     

+358 40 571 5034


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