Investor News

Stock exchange releases
20 September 2019

Nurminen Logistics to issue new shares in the company to the company itself without consideration

The Board of Directors of Nurminen Logistics Plc (the “Company”) has, pursuant to the authorization granted to it by the…

Stock exchange releases
19 August 2019

Nurminen Logistics streamlines organization, senior vice president Ari Penttinen leaves the company

Nurminen Logistics Plc streamlines its organisation structure. Ramping up the block train connection between China and Finland and improving productivity…

Half-year Financial Reports, Stock exchange releases
9 August 2019


Operating result was negative, net sales decreased. NURMINEN LOGISTICS KEY FIGURES 1 JANUARY – 30 JUNE 2019 Net sales were…

Stock exchange releases
8 August 2019

CEO Ville Iho has resigned from Nurminen Logistics

CEO Ville Iho has resigned from his position as Nurminen Logistics Plc in order to pursue new opportunities in another…

Stock exchange releases
2 August 2019

Nurminen Logistics has bought PFC Nordic Oy

Nurminen Logistics Plc                            Stock Exchange Release: 2. August.2019 at 12:00 Nurminen Logistics has bought shares and business of…

Stock exchange releases
1 August 2019

Nurminen Logistics has purchased cargo handling real estates

Nurminen Logistics streamlines its real estate holdings and has purchaced back cargo handling terminals in Vainikkala, Kotka and Luumäki which…

Stock exchange releases
27 June 2019

Nurminen Logistics Plc has appointed Petri Luurila as new CIO and member of Group Management Team

M.B.A Petri Luurila has been appointed as new CIO at Nurminen Logistics Plc. Petri has previously succesfully filled similar role…

Stock exchange releases
19 June 2019

Nurminen Logistics manages real estate property

Nurminen Logistics has sold Niirala Terminal to Cemagro Oy and muncipality of Tohmajärvi in accordance with its real estate development…

Stock exchange releases
12 April 2019

Decisions of the Annual General Meeting of Nurminen Logistics Plc and decisions of the constitutive meeting of the Board of Directors

Nurminen Logistics Plc’s Annual General Meeting held on 12 April 2019 passed the following decisions: Adoption of the annual accounts…

Stock exchange releases
27 March 2019

Nurminen Logistics Plc has appointed Mikko Järvinen as new SVP Sales and member of Group Management Team

BBA Mikko Järvinen has been appointed as new SVP Sales at Nurminen Logistics Plc. Mikko has previously acted in various…