Genelec Oy: High-value products require fast and reliable transportation to China


Genelec Oy, a manufacturer of active loudspeaker systems, is an international company with customers all over the world. The Group has its headquarters and factory in Finland, as well as two subsidiaries in Asia and one in North America. Genelec’s products are exported to almost a hundred countries, and there are some shipments to the factory from Asia, for example. The size of the shipments varies from small packages to entire containers, but what they often have in common is the delicate and valuable nature of the products transported.

When Genelec wanted to speed up ocean freight deliveries from Finland to China, they contacted Nurminen Logistics. Nurminen’s container train between Finland and China is fast and cheaper than air freight.

– We wanted a partner who could take care of everything for us. Nurminen was a natural choice for us because they are familiar with all matters relating to transport to China. They are able to offer a comprehensive service where the only thing we need to do is load the goods onto the truck, says Genelec’s Logistics Director Minna Hukkanen with satisfaction.

Genelec also chose a partner on the basis that Nurminen’s container train between Finland and China operates on a regular schedule. Genelec’s logistics are so extensive and diverse that it is absolutely essential for everything to run in a controlled manner. The timetables must be kept, and the goods must be in the right place at the right time.

– Reliability and delivery reliability are important to us, for two reasons in particular: Firstly, our products are valuable, so they must be delivered intact and undamaged. Secondly, the delay in transport would be cumulative and cause delays in our customers’ projects, Hukkanen says.

– The schedules agreed with Nurminen Logistics have been kept, and our close communication works. Nurminen serves the customer well.