Banmark: A reliable partner creates the foundation for sustainable business


Specialty chemicals and industrial equipment supplier Banmark has been closely involved in building a successful Finnish industry for 50 years. Banmark is a pioneer in its field, and in addition to Finland, Banmark’s main markets are the Nordic countries, Central Europe and China. Nurminen Logistics is Banmark’s long-standing partner and involved in promoting a streamlined supply chain of products.

– Nurminen Logistics is an expert, reliable and flexible partner, says Liudmila Evdokimova, Sales Coordinator at Banmark.

For Banmark, seamless cooperation with stakeholders is important for business. Banmark and Nurminen Logistics hold regular discussions on the quality of cooperation, risk management and the development of sustainability factors. Active dialogue helps in understanding the requirements for cooperation and at the same time lays the foundation for sustainable business.

The chemical terminal of Nurminen’s Kotka logistics centre has the status of a safety clearance facility – the terminal has permits for large-scale storage and handling of chemicals. A large amount of Banmark chemicals pass through the logistics centre.

– Nurminen always informs us if there are any anomalies in the incoming goods and, if necessary, handles our requests related to Russian exports in connection with the loading of goods. We have received a service that meets our needs – photographs of the equipment, weighing, draining of chemicals from the IBC container to canisters and, if necessary, Nurminen has even carried out varied sampling very flexibly, Evdokimova says.

Flexibility and service-mindedness are Nurminen’s trademarks. The logistics professionals will see to it that everything proceeds on schedule and the customer is continually informed of the situation.

– If necessary, Nurminen is flexible and does its best, even if the loading schedule is exceedingly urgent. Nurminen’s employees have the right approach to customer service, and thanks to this, things tend to go well, Evdokimova sums up.