The cooperation negotiations at Nurminen Logistics’ Niirala and Vainikkala offices have ended

Nurminen Logistics Plc                                                                       Stock Exchange Release 2.8.2022, at 9.00 am

The cooperation negotiations concerning the personnel at Nurminen Logistics' Niirala and Vainikkala locations have ended. The cooperation negotiations concerned 19 employees. The negotiations aimed to look for savings and efficiency measures to respond to the changes caused by reduced traffic in Russia and to improve its competitiveness by focusing on international growth markets and location-independent digital services in transport and terminal services in line with the company's strategy. 

As a result of the cooperation negotiations, the employment of 9 people was terminated. In addition, a new location-independent service unit was created to reorganize operations, providing services supporting international multimodal transport.

Further information: Olli Pohjanvirta, CEO and president, Nurminen Logistics Plc, +358 40 900 6977,


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